You are my saviour

There are times my heart is overcome by sins.
When i feel hopeless about worshipping by all means.
When i feel i have no faith left.
When i no more feel thankful for every single breath.
When i feel my heart has nothing good to contain.
When i feel this world is all that is left to gain, left to gain.

When I know what I’m doing isnt right and want to stand up and fight.
With all my might, I cry in the depth of the night.
I know that just a tear would change my plight, and my Rabb will never ever let me go out of His sight.
When everything seems like its coming to an end and there is no way for my soul to mend. Dragging and crawling reaching out for His help is all that is left. I try my best, I try my best.

He knows my heart, he knows my mind.
Where else, happiness will I find?
A silent whisper, a humble gesture.
And His mercy is beyond measure.
Crying out to Him is the only way out, I want to be a new person with every dawn.
Make me steadfast, help me do my best.
Dont ever leave me alone my Rabb, not even for a second, not even for a second.


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